As federal, state and local governments across the United States drive towards increased technology, ProBill is working with all levels of government agencies to support their transformation through the delivery of ProBill's proven and tailored legal technology solutions.

Specializing across treasury and finance, public safety and justice, social services, and local government, ProBill is leveraging its solutions to transform government and business relationships, and community service delivery. Working with a wide range of software and building on extensive experience, ProBill is implementing solutions for a variety of different public sector needs for federal, state and local governments.

ProBill's approach is collaborative. We work alongside managers and staff to understand the specific needs of each organization and build an appropriate and practical solution. In many instances, we work in joint teams with in-house legal and financial staff to implement ProBill's solution.

ProBill offers three core services for the public sector:

  • First Consulting- practical advice to help you implement systems and adapt them to changing needs.
  • First Training- ensuring that users get up and running fast, and understand how the system can help them do their jobs more effectively.
  • First Care- a comprehensive and flexible program of support. ProBill clients can contact us to receive additional implementation, customization and training.

Please contact your ProBill Public Sector Salesman at 800.299.9177 for assistance.