Since 1979, Software Technology, Inc. (STI), has listened to the comments and suggestions of its' users. They continually refine and upgrade their software with those suggestions in mind. TABS III, an affordable, award-winning system with exceptional features. One of the most widely used professional billing systems in the US.

  • Record and organize all of your daily time charges, advances, expenses and payments.
  • Quickly and conveniently track all client work-in-process to make timely and intelligent billing decisions

The Information Avalanche

Every firm is forced to contend with an unceasing flow of information that has to be collected, classified, sorted, recorded, filed, retrieved and communicated. A lot of that information relates to your firm's routine business functions--keeping track of billable and non-billable time, recording client transactions, preparing statements, managing accounts receivable and the like.

The Old System

When you have to rely on manual systems, outdated software or software that doesn't meet your needs to process all of that information, it's almost impossible to keep up. Billable time slips through the cracks and is lost, client billing is put off, and statements go out less and less frequently. Cash flow becomes a problem and your profits decline.

A Better Solution

With TABS3, you can get all of that information organized and the daily paperwork under control. You will work more efficiently. Your time will be billed more accurately, and your statements will go out on time. As a result, your practice will become more efficient, more productive and more profitable. TABS3 is, dollar for dollar, the most comprehensive, most efficient, and most convenient PC based time and billing system on the market today.