Juris® software supplies the technological vision and advanced management tools that allow you to concentrate profitably on the practice of law. With more than one out of five law firms (from 5 attorneys to over 100) counting on Juris®, they have become the leading brand of comprehensive law office accounting software. Juris® makes your job easier and the law firm more profitable. It eliminates bottlenecks and shortens the workweek. Juris improves the tracking and capture of billable time and expenses. It speeds up client payments and improves control over the firm's operating expenses. And, Juris puts the firm's business systems on a sound and current technology footing. It all adds up to increased partner/shareholder profits and cash flow.

Experience Increased Productivity with Juris® features:

  • Personal Time Tracking and Paperless Time Slips;
  • Firm Timekeeping and Billing,
  • Accounts Receivable Management,
  • Management Reporting,
  • Integrated Trust Accounting