AbacusLaw Classic:
AbacusLaw Classic has all the features you need to better manage your practice, without billing and accounting.
Do you struggle to find case facts and notes when you need them? Are you still depending on paper-based files to manage your case load?
Rid your practice of inefficiency and waste by incorporating AbacusLaw Classic - a single system that consolidates all case information and automates legal calendaring, form generation and client contact.

AbacusLaw Gold:
AbacusLaw Gold offers complete integration: get all the practice management features included in AbacusLaw Classic plus time, billing and accounting features that benefit firms of all sizes and practice areas.
Are you spending more time on administrative tasks than billable hours? Do you and your staff enter case information multiple times for calendaring, billing, client contact, etc.?
Stop wasting time and money. Entrust your entire practice management to AbacusLaw Gold to reduce your risk and increase your revenue.