1. 4900+ law firm clients - This speaks for itself.

2. Family owned and operated - No pressure to perform to just one developer's wish.

3. 800 telephone number - Answered by a live person.

4. Multiple Product Representation - From one technology partner, the same reliable service.

5. Sales Depth – Multiple salespersons with over fifty years in legal solution selling.

6. Trainer Depth - Multiple trainers means we can cover for one another if an emergency occurs.

7. Trainer Knowledge Depth - One of our trainers has seen the problem before, even the developer.

8. Shipping - Flat rate regardless of where you are.

9. Shipping Hours - Order by 1:30PM ET and your software will ship the same day.

10. President's Background - Twenty-nine years in the legal specific market

11. Solutions Director's Background - A lifetime of servicing the professional marketplace.

12. Leasing - Over 25% of our onsite implementations are leased. Preserve your capital.

13. Financing - Options available beyond leasing, see Financing Page.

14. Free eClass - With each software purchase a free hour of application, web-based training.

15. eClass - One, Five and Ten hour sessions including quick-start manuals.

16. Developer Personnel - That work with us bringing features to the marketplace faster.

17. Cross Solution Pollination - Often an answer to one solution's problem needs to be filtered by another.

18. Office Hours - Eight to Eight ET, that's 9 to 5, Bermuda to California.

19. Travel Anywhere - Our best clients are two flights and an hour's drive away.

20. Fixed Travel Rate - Anywhere in North America, a single rate per day.

21. Fixed Out-of-Pocket Rate - Anywhere in North America, a single rate per day.

22. Multiple Labor Rates - Depending on size and complexity of the firm's needs.

23. Trainer Profiles - Minimum fifteen years in legal, Bookkeeper and Office Administrator Certified.

24. Case Management Pioneer - We have been installing our solutions since the first versions.

25. Caribbean Exclusivity - If we can serve the private banking islands, we can serve almost anyone.

26. Central America Exclusivity - Four languages other than English spoken in our offices.

27. National Dealer - We bring national and regional experience to the implementation.

28. eBay Store - Buy our software products online with guarantees of a "Square Trade Partner"

29. No Venture Partners - We sell and service at our pace, one which the end user can rely on.

30. Signature Partners - ProBill IT partners throughout the US to help our client's network issues.

31. Certified Signature Partners - ProBill legal specific consultants throughout the US certified in other solutions.

32. No Hardware - Our only consultancy is the BUSINESS OF LAW FIRMS, we are not distracted.

33. Customization - With thousands of installs, we know how to get the most from the application.

34. Implementation Manuals - On almost every subject, certainly every solution.

35. Return Privileges - Extended from developer's thirty days to twelve months if you use our consultants.

36. Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Novus and American Express. Get your miles.

37. No Travel Time Charge - We never charge the client travel time, regardless of location.

38. Marketing - National marketing programs every month, passing to you our volume discounts.

39. Bundling Initiatives - Discounts available to law firms based on multiple solution purchases.

40. Implementation Synergy - Our trainers can implement more than one solution at the same time.

41. Consultancy - With 50+ years of law firm experience, our trainers have "seen it all."

42. Solutions Experience - Pushing the envelope with the software we represent.

43. Multiple Products in each Discipline - No need to take a single recommendation.

44. "Know Your Neighbor"- Referral program. You earn free eSupport/Training time if a neighbor firm is recommended.

45. Pre-Implementation Checklist - Plenty of time to prepare your records before we arrive.

46. eDemo - Review our product offerings right at your desk, speaking one-to-one with a ProBill Trainer.

47. PMA Relationship - National Practice Management Advisor program with all State Bars.

48. Canadian 800 Numbers - For our valued Canadian clients.

49. Delta Airlines - Receive miles when purchasing software with Delta Incentive Plan.

50. Point of Sale Marketing On-site - Always ready to mail EVAL disks and brochures - overnight.